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It Is The Lord Speaking

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Come and See logoMost world religions have sacred writings recording their founding events and teachings. For Christianity the sacred writing are The Bible. We refer to a large part of it as the Old Testament (or Covenant). This is actually the sacred writings of Judaism, a body of literature written over a thousand years. It is the story of Godís choice of Israel as his people (the Covenant). Their history is always understood in relation to Godís acts of salvation. The Jewish scriptures are in three main groups. The first five books, the TORAH (Law) is the most important part. The other groups are The Prophets, and the Wisdom writings. They include history, poetry, myth, and contain passages of great depth and beauty.

The New Testament is the collection of Christian writings. The four Gospels tell us how they understood the events of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Paulís letters amd the other documents, reflect the early history and beliefs of the new Church. Christianity believes that Jesus Christ is the culmination of Godís plan of salvation, the fulfilment of the first covenant. In him there is a new Covenant of love with God for all mankind.

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