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Baptism Preparation

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It has been the custom in this parish for many years for parents wishing to have a child baptised to get together to think through the implications. Those with teenage children will no doubt remember sessions with Sister Sebastian before I took over from her.

We follow the excellent diocesan course, with three sessions of about an hour and a half each. Participants find it enjoyable and thought provoking. What we do ask is that before embarking on a course parents ensure that at least one of them can attend each session.

If you were learning to drive, your instructor would not put you in for your test if you kept missing lessons! Is Baptism any less important?

We want to give our children the best start in life they can have when they receive this the First and one of the greatest of the Sacraments. We can all help by praying for them and their parents.

Father Eric

Published Tue 4th Apr 2006 20:20:41

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