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It is just over 12 months since an appeal was made to create cleaning teams for the Church on a rota basis. Despite the fact that the commitment is for about one hour on every fourth Friday no response was forthcoming to the appeals in the Parish Bulletin and Magazine.

Nevertheless, successful friendly approaches to several individuals did enable us to create four teams. However, there still remains a need for some assistance. If you are male or female, young, middle aged or downright old (like one or two of us are) and can then spare one hour of the 572 which exist each month then please come forward and help. It is not back-breaking work and for some of the tasks, polishing for instance, you will be able to sit whilst making the effort.

Assuming that this appeal meets with the same result as the last, do not look twice or smile at the writer of this item - you may become an involuntary volunteer. To those not intimidated by such an approach or by this appeal, you can maybe help in other ways.
Every week, there are instances of items left in the pews and others which ought to be in the pews left in the entrance. The latter point first. Hymn books have for some time been left in the pews - please leave them there after services. For the first point, pens, pencils, tissues (used and otherwise), hats, gloves, mass sheets, bulletins and the like are frequently having to be moved - please remove them as you go.

The next point concerns one of the problems of our age. Chewing Gum!!! There is a bin in the entrance so why should members of the congregation end up with it stuck on their clothes and for cleaners to be removing it from kneelers, the carpet etc?

Finally - the Quiet Room and Entrance. I know what children are like - I was one once! But please, could you remove the mess (broken biscuits, sweet wrappers, torn-up paper and the like) which is made on these occasions - use the bin in the entrance. Usually it is four days before the Quiet Room is cleaned and this leaves a bad impression to those using the room during the week. The entrance - it seems to have become the weekly depository for all manner of rubbish including a regular newspaper sports supplement - please use the bin where appropriate.

To return to the main focus - volunteers are needed to assist those admirable individuals already involved. Thank you and God Bless.

Brian Smith

Published Fri 10th Mar 2006 10:06:48

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