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4th (St. Theresa's) Crossgates Brownies

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The 4th (St Theresa's) Crossgates Brownies raise money each year for a local charity. This year we were fortunate to be the recipient of the monies they raised. Each Brownie had to do small jobs for family and friends in return for a donation. Below are some of the jobs that were done and extracts from some of the Brownies written comments.

Jobs included: Helping Grandad with the gardening. Setting the table for dinner and then clearing away afterwards. Keeping my bedroom tidy for a week. Helping Dad tidy the garage. Watering the plants. Helping to wash the car. One Brownie alone raised £10.00, she also gave her Grandma "Message in a Bottle" and explained how it works. Another wrote I raised money by hanging out the washing with a little help from my sister. I helped my sister collect up the conifers that my Dad had cut down right at the beginning of the summer, then took them to the tip with her Dad, when it was raining! She also hoovered the living room, before I went shopping with my friend, it was fun but very hard to do because the hoover was so heavy for me to carry.

Yet another Brownie wrote: All the Brownies decided to raise money for the Good Neighbours Scheme. We had to think of some jobs to do around the house, so we would get a little bit of money from our parents and grandparents. We gave the money to our Brownie leader, who changed it into a cheque, to give to the Good Neighbours Scheme.

The Brownies chose the Good Neighbours Scheme as they thought it was very good for older people because the Good Neighbours help people who can't do their own shopping and anything they need doing around the house. The Good Neighbours Scheme also have coffee mornings, so the people that they help can talk to other people, like them. Getting out and meeting different people helps not to be so lonely at home, giving them something to look forward to.

On Friday 22nd July, four Brownies together with Brown Owl (Louise) came and met Tony the Co-ordinator with Volunteer helpers and Committee Members at the Coffee morning and presented a cheque for £25. Pictures were taken and may be included in the next newsletter. (good neighbours newsletter: ed.)

Published Sun 14th Aug 2005 22:42:48

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