The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds

O, Bless the lord my soul, And all that is within me bless his holy name.

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This the Communion Antiphon for today’s Mass . How seldom we really allow ourselves to think and meditate on our good fortune to have been chosen by Christ? Through our Baptism we have been given the right to call God our Father. We are heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven and we are the brothers and sisters of Christ.

We live in a world the urges us to hanker for more. We are continually being told how life would be better if only we would invest here or buy this that and the other. The adverts, of which there is no shortage, are always telling us how to improve ourselves and our lives. There is a whole industry there trying to undermine our confidence in the name of progress.

The same too can happen with our Faith if we are not careful. We can be left thinking that we are always under pressure to be good and never actually reap the fruits of who we really are. That is why it is a good idea from, time to time, to take a rest ,enjoy a bit of space and take stock of our lives.

So, for a few moments allow your mind to drift over the Antiphon again and imagine you are saying these words to your soul and body. Allow the feeling of Christ as your brother to grow in you. Visualise him showing you the benefits of being his family .Let the words of the Antiphon be a description of how you feel.


Published Sun 26th Jun 2005 10:34:08

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