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Saint John Henry Newman

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The Parish Meeting

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Every month there appears a notice on the bulletin publicising the fact that on the last Thursday of the month there will be a Parish Meeting. For the past six years this Meeting, to which every parishioner belongs, has performed wonders to the look of the Church and the Parish Site and now it is time to move on.

As Parishioners and Priests we are responsible for Liturgy, Sacramental preparation, Ecumenism, helping bereaved, Sharing the Faith with others and in general helping to bring the Kingdom of God a little closer to those around us. While some of this is going on in the Parish already, it would be useful if we could pool ideas and see what the general ideas are on, for instance, the singing in Church, The choice of hymns, the celebration of special services for special needs etc.

The more we gather and talk together the more we help each other. I am sure many of you have ideas and opinions that could help us to continue improving what we are offering. It is great that so many come to our Parish each weekend and the daily attendance at Mass is wonderful.

I want you to think about these ideas and maybe you will put a pen to paper with some of your thoughts. You are the people who decide what kind of Parish we should be now and in the future. Thank you for all you do even though you lead busy lives.


Published Sun 1st May 2005 10:38:26

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