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The Lord is my shepherd

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When Jesus describes himself as the good shepherd we should get great consolation from his words. The shepherd took all the decisions for the sheep and was responsible for their safety. He decided which pastures they would graze and what direction they would take each day. Because the sheep were vulnerable to attacks from wolves and dogs the shepherd would round them up to keep them safe. Any sheep who wandered from the fold was a danger to himself and the rest of the sheep.

If we take the example seriously we begin to depend more on the Lord for our life and destiny. We also become aware that we are responsible for each other. We find that others depend of us for example and encouragement. The more we open our will to Christ the more he can guide us in the way he intends us to fulfil the will of the Father in our lives.

So for a few moments think about the relationship you have with Christ in your life. Do you always consult him when you make decisions? Is he the one you go to when you are vulnerable? He did say ‘come to me all you who are laboured and overburdened and I will give you rest’ Spend time inviting him into your life and get to feel his protection.

The good shepherd always stood between the sheep and whatever danger threatened that is how Christ wants to be with you and me.

Please remember the Cardinals in your prayers as they choose a successor to Pope John Paul 11

Fr. Phil

Published Sun 17th Apr 2005 10:36:41

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