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Christ is Risen

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Today we celebrate the most important feast in the Church's year. The fact that Christ rose from the dea gives meaning to our lives and helps us to look forward after our deaths to our own new life in Christ.

However, it would be sad if we just left the benefits of Easter to be used only at the end of our lives. Through the seven Sacraments we have an active presence of Christ among us right now. His real presence in the Eucharist enables us to be fed while the other six Sacraments touch the most important activities of our lives. Added to this we have a right through our Baptism "to call God our father" which is really the right to pray and intercede.

As an individual, we can freely open our minds and hearts to the presence of God and allow him into our very souls. A few quiet moments of sitting comfortable always helps us to get in the right frame of mind. Today you could think about how Christ whom we accompanied through Holy Week endured all that suffering and sacrifice so that you and I would know how much he loves us. Think for a few moments in your heart about being loved that much.

Fr. Phil and Fr. Michael wish you all a very Happy Easter.

Published Sun 27th Mar 2005 12:21:38

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