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Saint John Henry Newman

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May your love be upon us, O Lord, as we place all our hope in you

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We all hanker for love in our lives. We love to be needed and hate being ignored or taken for granted. If we were truly sincere in our efforts for Lent we need only look into our own hearts and there we would find the answer to what will I do for Lent? As each day passes how often have you felt lonely? Left out? unappreciated? taken for granted? Etc. By turning these feelings around ask yourself how often you inflict these on others? And so set about making positive efforts to change your life. This is often the best way to find that love and respect we all desire.

So today as we sit quietly let us, for a few moments, think of reasons why we would like to say thank you to God. So often we count our sorrows in great detail. For a change let us count our blessings. Think of the ways or the experiences in your life that make you think that God loves you. Dwell on that feeling of love and especially Godís love. Failure to find that feeling may occur if you harbour bitterness or other negative feelings. Hand them over to Christ and let love take their place. Relaxing in that love will change your feeling to others around you. While you are relaxing bring all those you want to pray for to mind even bring those whom you find it difficult to like.

Imagine Christ showing you how to love so that you in turn will experience the same from others in your life.

Fr. Phil

Published Sun 20th Feb 2005 11:40:23

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