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This is the response to the Psalm in our Mass today. It sounds very easy to say but when you look a little deeper you find it is a great commitment. Not only are you saying you are waiting for his instructions but you are also saying you are going to carry out his wishes

In the rush of our daily lives we do not get time to hang around very long so it is important that our prayer life is catered for in a very real way. A short time quietly sitting and allowing your thoughts to flow up to God and have a mental conversation with Him can set your day in the right direction.

Opening our hearts in the beginning of the day can set the tone and connection with God so that our day really becomes a fulfilment of ‘Here I am Lord, I come to do your will’.

So for a few moments at the beginning of each day sit and allow your mind to rise to God. Imagine Jesus with you and you are telling him about the day that is just beginning. Let him into the most secret thoughts of your life. Show him your responsibilities and worries . Imagine him saying ‘come to me you who are burdened.’ Invite him into your life and ask him to make you aware of his presence throughout your working day. Share with him the times you feel frustrated and disappointed and become aware of him walking with you on your path of life. Try this and your life will become more prayer conscious.


Published Sun 16th Jan 2005 11:41:36

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