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A Letter from Father Phil

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Dear Parishioners,

As we begin a new year here at St. Theresa’s I would like, first of all to thank, the many among you who give so much time and effort keeping the parish going. I am always grateful to the Eucharistic Ministers who take Communion to the sick and help at Mass. The many Readers who are willing to read, the Servers young and old who take part in the Sanctuary and the Musicians and Organists who keep us in tune..

There is team of wonderful people who keep us supplied with clean Altar cloths while the Flower Ladies spend many hours delicately decorating the Sanctuary in a gifted fashion. The Doorman and Collectors who get the offerings ready for those who count the money and the new volunteers who are hoping to keep the building clean and fit for worship.

There are many others who are in groups that take care of the social life, the Parish Magazine, Bulletin, Youth Club and uniformed groups run by generous people willing to give time. While the Priests prepare the Families for Baptism a group of Youth Leaders look after those for Confirmation. The First Sacraments, First Communion and Confession, are catered for by the Parents past and present with the Teachers form St Theresa’s School.

From February Marriage Preparation will be given by Tony and Sheelagh Pickles, Clare O’Hora and Bro. Frank (Corpus Christi) From now on all couples getting married must go through a pre- marriage course. If you are getting married in 2005 notify the priests as soon as possible if you have not already done so.

We even have a group in the parish who make wonderful tea and coffee every Sunday morning with the surprise chocolate biscuits appearing now and again. The Credit Union keeps our pockets happy. So whether you are you or old, play bowling or marbles, active or inactive, a visitor or a regular Thank You


Published Sun 9th Jan 2005 11:32:54

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