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Earthquake Disaster Appeal

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A collection will be taken over the weekend 8/9 January for the earthquake relief fund. Proceeds will be sent to CAFOD. Gift Aid Donation forms are available from the church so that the charity can cliam back tax on your donation.

Please drop your donations into the boxes in the Church porch. Cheques can be made out to CAFOD.

This disaster has touched everybody's heart, whole communities have simply been washed away by the Tsunami and lives left in tatters, they need our help, and they need it now. Below is a short list of charities on whose web site you can donate on-line, please give generously.

The International Red Cross

CAFOD as mentioned above

Disater Emergency Commitee


I'm sure you can find many more.

To further help fight poverty contact your MP and urge him or her to press Tony Blair to use our postition this year as host of the G8 nations and the upcoming EU Presidency to help press the rich nations of the world to cancel third world debt and pledge to give more in AID to those countries who need our help and support.

Ask Aristotle who your MP is, this link is preset for George Mudie, but enter your postcode to double check who you MP is if you are not sure.

Many charities have come together to campaign with one voice, they are Make Poverty History and from their web site you can e-mail Tony Blair directly or download a postcard to send him.

Published Sun 2nd Jan 2005 12:15:07

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