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Christ is born

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We wish everyone a merry Christmas and pray for peace. We exchange gifts and send the cards. The shopping is done and the family gather in their homes or at church. There is a new kind of hope in our hearts accompanied with a little surmise or question will it be any different for the coming year?

Will what be any different? What would you like to change? Will there be a new peace? Will politicians and world leaders play fair? Will there be an end to homelessness? Will refugees and asylum seekers find a welcome? Will there be an ending to training for war and terrorism?

The magic of Christmas can be left to consumerism and business but the real power of Christmas is in you and me. If there is going to be a change it must start with you and me. Last Christmas did you celebrate the birth of Christ? And if you did what use did you make of Him for the past year. He waits for you and me to use Him in our daily lives.

Maybe this year you and I could stop blaming others for the problems in family life, the drug culture, the violence in society etc. and instead cling a little closer to Christ to show that we really welcome Him into our lives.

Fr. Phil

Published Sun 26th Dec 2004 11:35:33

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