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Stay awake, praying at all time

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We are now approaching the end of this year in the Church’s calendar and it is a good time to take stock of how we are doing. Since last Advent many things may have changed in our lives and we may have to re-assess our focus in the light of these changes.

Each new beginning brings with it new possibilities. There may be many things we want to leave behind as we progress. Like children growing out of clothes they need to find more suitable garments to fit in with their new stature. St. Paul talks about the things we do as a child but when we grow older we are supposed to behave differently.

As we begin this new year in the Church we are reminded by The holy Father that we are to think more about the presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, and are asked to renew our devotion to this wonderful mystery.

Here in St. Theresa’s we are fortunate to be able to call into the Church at anytime during the week and pour out our hearts in prayer to the Real Presence. It is a wonderful exercise to make time each day to pray in your heart and allow that feeling of peace to develop.

If you cannot visit the Church make time at home, maybe help small children to start their life of prayer. Help them to enjoy talking to Christ as their special friend. This should not be a penance but an uplifting experience. Remember seven days without prayer makes one weak


Published Sun 14th Nov 2004 11:51:01

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