The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

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Forgive, Lord, the guilt of my sin.

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This is a very short sentence which we will repeat six times today at Mass. Like so many wonderful phrases we repeat unless we think about what we are saying we lose out.

We are asking the Lord for understanding and help for the things we have done wrong. It is a sign of our admission of our failings and a trust in Christ himself. It is an ennobling quality to be able to admit when we get it wrong. It is good for all of us to have to look at the mistakes in our lives, and to seek help in changing the ways we think and act towards God and others. Even criticism can help us to wake up and examine our beliefs and the ways we take people and our positions for granted.

How awful it would be to find out that after years of what you and I thought was a success we were told that we had become a burden or a hindrance to others. Developing the gift of repentance is a must if we are to progress in our spiritual journey. Being able to say sorry to God, or one another, is very efficacious and brings a lot of healing into our lives. Asking for forgiveness, helps us change direction and gives us a responsibility for the needs and the rights of others. Making excuses or blaming others for our mistakes is never justified and only deprives us of that real humility which makes us better humans. Like regular use of the Confessional is good for the soul.


Published Sun 13th Jun 2004 10:37:29

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