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Now that we have celebrated Easter what next?

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I always feel a sense of unease or anticlimax after the great celebrations of Holy Week and Easter. For many I am sure, there is the thought of a break or the looking forward to getting colour back to the garden after the long winter sleep. Nature takes on a sudden burst of life and the trees slowly and silently cover themselves in foliage as the daffodils bring light to our lawns and roadsides as if to announce that all is well.

The apostles went into hiding until that first Easter when the risen Christ assured them that he was true to his promise that he would rise from the dead. They had lost heart after his passion and death and failed to grasp that he had ‘come to do the will of his father’.

In this year of 2004, we are faced, like the Apostles, more than any other time in our short history, with a mission of taking our places in the front line of spreading the good news of the kingdom to our brothers and sisters. Because of the shortage of priests many new responsibilities will fall on the faithful and calls will go out for all parishioners to become evangelists as in the early Church.

We can start now today. Here in St.Theresa’s we need the following people; catechists who will prepare couples for Marriage, First Sacraments and Baptism. People who are prepared to read at Mass and volunteers to become eucharistic ministers. Counters for the collections and more collectors in church, while others still could take an active interest in the Liturgy by helping to pick the hymns and encourage in the singing of parts of the Mass.
Meanwhile for the ordinary running of the parish the Parish Committee is always looking for new people to come to the monthly meetings to discuss and make decisions that affect all our lives in the parish. So this Easter what about YOU? Will you leave it to others or will you play your part? Nobody is asked to take on a roll without some kind of preparation. Our Faith becomes alive when we are sharing with others and witness the power of the Holy Spirit speaking through each of us.

This Easter may we all be renewed in our commitment to Christ.


Published Sun 2nd May 2004 10:33:32

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