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I will praise you, lord, you have rescued me.

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This simple phrase which we repeat four times in the Mass today can make so much sense if we say it slowly and think about it.

What do you feel the Lord has rescued you from? Think about your circumstances, your possessions, your family, your friends, those vices you may or may not have. Is there something about you that you can thank God for? Is there something or some circumstance you have been able to avoid?

So often we take our lives for granted . Not only our lives but those around us. We can often behave as if all we are and do is down to our own hard work. Even saying that we are forgetting where our abilities and talents came from.

So today whether you are young or old rich or poor if you put the negative things in your life on one page you may be surprised how the positive things on the opposite page will outweigh them.

God through our friends, family and those we love often rescues us. Thank him and pray for them. Never see yourself as self-made because, such a foolish thought always shows lack of appreciation for what others have done.

So today think ,pray and say thanks.


Published Sun 25th Apr 2004 10:42:31

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