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How can we talk or be happy about the work God does among us unless we are able to experience in some way the fruits of that work?

This time leading up to Easter can be a time when we can achieve this. Nowadays people are used to reading books on self-help and how to get rid of emotional baggage from the past. The central theme is often make this day a new beginning let go of negative feelings and develop a positive attitude to life in general. This is nothing new. The Church through the Sacrament of Reconciliation or Confession has been preaching this for years. Probably if we used the confessional in the way it was meant to be used a lot of the marvels that the lord works among us would become more obvious.

Like a lot of things we do in life confession can be something we grow out of. Maybe we feel the need to go but it is a long time since the last one and what would the priest think or say - make his day by coming back. Every priest is delighted and admires those who come back after a long time. Maybe we are not sure how to begin - a sign of the cross will do. The priest is always delighted to help. How are we expected to remember everything - you are not, confess what you can.

The essence of confession is opening your heart to God and unburdening yourself of your sins committed by thought, word or deed. The priest, as you know, is not really interested in your sins he is there to help you walk into the future feeling the marvels God has just done for you. So come on, get ready for Easter .Pass on this good news to other members of your family.

Thursday evening at 7.30pm we will have priests from the Deanery helping with confession and they are all shockproof !!!


Published Sun 28th Mar 2004 10:49:52

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