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Taste and see that the lord is good

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How often have you heard people say 'if I had not experienced it for myself I would not believe it '. This may hear this many times throughout our lives. We are not always convinced by the testimony of others. The 'doubting Thomas' lurks in each one of us

In the world of fashion things become cool when approval is given by those in the 'know.' Garments and footwear are designed to meet a market but all the design in the world is useless unless people can be persuaded to wear them. The packaging and the presentation have a lot to do with it too.

Our faith is similar in ways. Sometimes we meet people who have a joy and a peace as a result of their feelings towards God that we are encouraged to try out a prayer or two for ourselves. Meditation as a way of prayer, in some cases, could be described as cool since so many cults, religions and people today are trying it as a means of self -development.

No amount of talk and encouragement can come near the excitement of going within ourselves and experiencing the silence in our hearts that help us hear with the ears of our souls the silent murmuring of the Holy Spirit. God is in us and often that is the last place we look for him. Our God waits for us to communicate. In a busy life try using a few moments of each day to do something cool like talking to God and tell him your joys and sorrows That is the only way you will be able to 'taste and see that the lord is good'.


Published Sun 21st Mar 2004 11:49:05

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