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The Church Needs YOU

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This is a great time for the laity in the Church. As never before there is a great opportunity for each of us to live in a very real way the promises made on our behalf at Baptism and the further agreement we made as individuals at Confirmation.

We are empowered as Baptised people to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those around us. This is achieved mainly in our everyday lives by the way we think, speak and act. For a long time we have seen in our parish life tasks that belonged to the priest and a very few responsibilities in the care of the Laity.

Over the past number of years members of the Laity have been encouraged to take a fuller part in the life of the parish especially when it came to the liturgy. We began to see men, women and young people reading the Scriptures and Bidding Prayers at Mass. Then came the day when Eucharistic ministers both men and women helped the priest to distribute the Eucharist to the Faithful at Mass. Later development was the same Ministers taking Holy Communion to the house bound of the Parish.

Now, not just because of the shortage of priests, we are encouraged to get even more involved in the daily administration of the parish and contribute to its life and spirituality. We are being asked to share our skills and individual talents to help build a community where young and old, rich and poor can have their say and lead one another with the priest to the kingdom of god.

This something every priest in the diocese wants. It is not a case of 'us and them'. Priests like the laity have their own specific calling. We are all here like individuals members in the family we all, though different, have a lot to contribute.

Come and hear more on this on Sat. 13th March 10am - 4pm in St.Theresa's Centre when parishioners form the Deanery here in East Leeds will gather to set the ball rolling. Bring a packed lunch and get in the mood. See you all there.


Published Sun 29th Feb 2004 12:53:39

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