The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds

Important Notice

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At the forthcoming Parish Meeting on February 26th the matter of making the Parish Magazine, past, present and future, available on the Parish Website will be discussed again. We hope to ratify last months agreement for this to proceed, but understand there have been some objections. Would any interested parties please try to attend, or submit opinions to the meeting in writing or by proxy.

The proposal is that all articles from the Parish Magazine will be made available in a private area of the Parish web site, accessible ONLY by Parish Members.

We understand that some authors may not want their work available on the Internet, we also realise that some authors may welcome worldwide exposure to promote their work, therefore authors can request that their work is either:

1. Removed from the archive. (or never added in the first place)
2. Made public so it can be read by the world.

I feel this project is important, the Parish Magazine has been consistently of high quality, and to have a permanent archive is to be able to appreciate, and celebrate, the hard work and creativity of Parish members over the years. It will also be an interesting historical account of the Parish as seen by those who matter, the Parishioners, going back almost 10 years.

Any questions please contact me.

Published Sun 15th Feb 2004 12:27:02

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