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It's a stitch-up

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Reproduced with the kind permission of the Leeds Weekly News

PARISHIONERS have the history of their east Leeds church all sewn up.

A two-metre long tapestry is being worked to celebrate the golden jubilee of St Theresa's RC Church in Cross Gates and this will be framed and hung in one of the rooms of the parish centre.

Every parish group has produced a six-inch square depicting its activities and on Saturday all parishioners were invited to contribute to a panel showing dates and events in the parish life.

A Stitch in Time was part of an art exhibition by Cross Gates Art Club, which meets at the centre, to raise funds for the golden jubilee - and all who added a few stitches were asked for a 50p donation to boost the total.


Mrs Mary Gairn, chairman of the jubilee group, said: "The idea was put forward at a meeting in February. Most of the squares - 35 in all - have been worked by the tapestry group and people have donated wool and thread."

She explained that the panel depicting St Theresa would be the central feature with the church and parish buildings being shown in sequence since the parish was formed.

Some were worked from photographs and others from memory."There will also be a band stating that the project is to commemorate the golden jubilee," she said. "This will contain letters and dates - 70 in all at an average of 100 stitches per letter, 7,000 stitches in all and 96 metres of thread."


The tapestry is on one of a series of activities which has been taking place during the year to mark the golden jubilee.

Around £10,000 has been raised so far and the money has been used for improvements to the church buildings and grounds.

These have included new fencing and gates to the car park area, paving and improving the church garden and the installation of a glass cross at the back of the church.

It is now hoped to put a crucifix on a tower at the side of the church.


Mrs Gairn said: "We hope to get this up for Christmas, but we are about £300 short of what we need."

St Theresa's Church was opened on Christmas Eve in 1953 and on that day this year all former priests have been invited back for a celebratory mass.

Published Tue 9th Dec 2003 23:53:18

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