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This article was originally published in the Parish Magazine, and is reprinted here by kind permission of Bill Hopkins

It was in the mid 1960's that the Family Circles were started in St Theresa's Parish. There were circles stared in Manston, Whitkirk and Halton.

The one in the Manston' s was started by Maureen and the late John Quinn. The families involved besides the Quinn's were the Lavaracks, the Brimelow's, the Kelly's, the two Hopkins families, the Makin's, the Ingle's and Margaret Boddy. The purpose of the meetings which were held by rota in each member family's home was to discuss the relevant topics of the day affecting the Catholic community and to offer mutual support. The meetings were held on a monthly basis.

Fr Leo Mitchell was the P.P. at the time and the meetings continued during Canon Tangney's time as P.P.

The highlight of the meeting, was when a Safari supper was held in honour of Phil and Monica Makin, who were moving to Birmingham. The members enjoyed a five course meal, each course prepared and served in a different house. A truly memorable meal.

I know that all members of the circles will recommend to present day young families, to consider the possibility of starting a Family Circle in their own areas.

Bill Hopkins

Published Thu 9th Oct 2003 20:16:36

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