The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds

The Parish Mission Prayer

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As you are all no doubt aware, the St Theresas Mission starts in just a few weeks, to celebrate the mission we are proud to present our mission prayer.

Heavenly Father we desire Jesus, our Beloved Saviour, to be uplifted and glorified in our hearts. We ask for the power of the Holy Spirit to renew your kingdom in our hearts and give us the grace to serve you and each other in our daily lives. Lead us and our families more deeply into the life of your Church.

We pray that:- Love - Peace - Faith - Trust and Understanding be given to each of us. Please impart to us the power and desire to take the Good News of love and salvation to all your people. We wait in faith, hope and love to see the answer to this prayer. Amen.

A mission in sharing faith and friendship Bind us together Lord

Published Mon 14th Oct 2002 20:53:45

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