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Jesus made it clear to his disciples that he was destined to go to Jerusalem and suffer grievously. Peter's reaction was to say 'this must never happen to you'. Peter unlike Jesus had other plans. He saw the great things Jesus was doing and the help people received in his presence. Putting his life in danger did not make sense to Peter. He was enjoying the miracles and the crowds gathering round to hear the Lord.

Like you and me, may be Peter enjoyed the trappings of being with Christ but failed to see where Jesus was leading him. At the moment, I am sure we all sit very uncomfortably in our chairs as we watch the people of Ghana trying to secure fresh water to drink. While others just outside Johannesburg have lost land and their living as World Leaders feast sumptuously everyday.

Peter's solution was very like that of the world leaders of today. Peter was frightened of what he might lose while Christ was willing to lose everything even life itself. Peter could not see what was wrong with people enjoying his message and being cured but Jesus was thinking of you and me and millions of people to come.

Now it is our turn to comment. We are now in Peter's shoes. We are the ones listening to the message of Christ. Does our concern for Christ and his message go beyond making sure that the Mass is said at a time convenient to us? Or because of our busy lives we think it is the responsibility of others who have time, to do the things Christ is asking. Remember our neighbours live in Africa and places of poverty around the world .The prosperity we have is meant to be shared.

Fr. Phil

Published Thu 5th Sep 2002 20:22:32

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