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Who do people say the Son of Man is?

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I am sure that most of us have been asked in Church to decide, when this gospel is read, who Jesus is to each of us as individuals? And that is a real test for us. In the context of Christ's asking the question he is asking so that the answer helps him to see his role being fulfilled as the CHRIST. Peter's answer is the kind of encouragement that Jesus is looking for.

In the answer that Peter gave, Jesus sees the Father at work and this helps him to see his role as Messiah taking shape. Peter is inspired by the Father to speak these words. The power of inspiration is always at work in the Church. The fact that we are Baptised into the Spirit is a promise or guarantee that we are open to being inspired to do great things if only we are ready to listen.

Think about the times that Jesus was alone in prayer. He then came back to his friends, often to do something important like choosing the 12. For you and me there is need to be quiet and alone in our thoughts to feel and find out if we are fulfilling the role that was given to us. The opinions of others and our opening our hearts in prayer can often give us the encouragement we need to find if we are fulfilling our appointed role or, it may help us to change because we discover that our faults and failings have become an obstacle to us and those around us.

Take time out today and ask who do people(wife, husband ,children colleagues ,Holy Spirit etc. say you are?


Published Mon 2nd Sep 2002 18:14:40
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