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The wonder of our Resurrection

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There has never been a day in all history of the world quite like Easter Sunday. It is the commemoration of the resurrection of our Lord from the grave.
It proclaims the triumph of life over death. Just as our Lord came forth from the grave, having assumed the body he had given up by death, so also will it be with every human being.
The possibility of such a universal resurrection is to be found in the events of the first Easter Sunday.
If God could work so great a wonder for himself, he can perform the same kind of wonder for us his children. and that is exactly what he said he intends to do.
Possibly Easter should mean the most to those with a bent, broken and tortured body. It should mean more to those whose condition is even worse-the ones who cannot rise from their beds; the person who is wasting away day by day; the one who is paralysed.
These poor people, and there are many; having given up hope of ever knowing here on earth the health and beauty of body possessed by so many of their fellow human beings.
But one day they will rise from the grave; they are to be given back their bodies, glorious and perfect, as perfect as bodies can be-and this forever.

Why then should they not rejoice more than anybody else on Easter Day? Easter to them is a reassurance, the day of the great and healing operation.
The doctor told them that nothing could be done for them but our Lord assures them that a lot will be done for them. So that they would not misunderstand what he meant, he gave them a preview of what was going to happen to them.
He did this by rising from the dead with a body glorious and wonderfully beautiful, and he has done the same for Mary, His Mother and Ours.
All this he did to reassure us that there never will be a day in our future quite like the day of our own resurrection.

Every Joy to you all this Easter Season.

Fr Peter Smith

Published Sat 20th Apr 2002 09:09:49
Last Modified on Fri 13th Oct 2017 19:53:31

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