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The Harvest

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From November 2000 Parish Magazine

As we draw to the close of another year in the Church, we can look back like any agricultural farmer and surmise about the sowing that took place in Spring and the various threats to the young shoots as they battled their way through the soil. Then there was some inclement weather and finally the successful sturdy appearance of the crop now able to fight on its own for survival. Those crops finally grew to maturity and helped by wind sun and rain yielded a good harvest

We began this year with the Millennium Celebrations in Rome and in the cathedrals throughout the World. We remember all the false prophecies and the talk of world disasters. Some even expected to see signs and wonders while others, waited for the end of the World. Groups met for chants and other pagan rituals while most Christians aware of the significance of the Millennium welcomed in their hearts the 2,000th anniversary of the Birthday of Christ.

For the farmer the harvest means security as the crops mean there is food in the barn and money for daily living. There is also the satisfaction of being able to see the success of his labours and the completion of another successful undertaking.

As Christians, we continually look forward as the seed in us, which is the Word of God, takes a lifetime to mature. The daily battling with the temptations of the World around us and the constant ups and downs of life help us to mature and bring that seed to fruition, giving us the ability to rise up in mind and heart to seek the very presence of God Himself.

The crops in the field can be so vulnerable, yet they survive. We, in our own private thoughts can feel small and unworthy. Yet, we must never forget that seed of life, growing within us, will make us bloom into something wonderful for God.

Fr. Phil FitzGerald

Published Thu 6th Dec 2001 01:14:54

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